Specially selected: our team

We are a small team so we insist on cherry-picking our employees. All our employees are part of the family as, just like us, they are individuals who are passionate about fruit. Between us we speak a total of 6 different languages as we believe in negotiating with each supplier in their own language, wherever possible. So very close personal relationships have developed over the years, relationships from which you, as well as your company, can benefit.

At the core:
our company management

Leo, Jochem and Ulrich have managed the company for many years and they maintain contact with producers and suppliers. They work as the key link in our advisory services, and ensure a reliable supply of raw goods for producers. In day-to-day business they pass on their wealth of experience to the next generation.

Dipl. Ing. Leo Niehoff

A new addition:
the next generation

Anna-Lena and Max have been working at the company for a number of years. Together with the entire team, they work to steer Frubella into the future, bringing fresh energy and ideas into the company.

The extended family:
our employees

There are advantages to having a small team: our cumulative expertise keeps processes short and, generally speaking, we are all able to provide information about our current projects. But our team does not simply consist of a clever bunch of people - the personal connections we have with our customers and with each other makes this a special place to work. And not least because most team members have known the third generation since they were babies.

Susanne Kleine Schulte
Mechthild Heinrichs